How to guide on finding a yoga retreat in Nicaragua

10 key considerations

Yoga retreats are now offered all over the world in some of the most picturesque locales imaginable and growing in popularity every year. It’s no wonder as who wouldn’t want to head out to a stunning tropical location to relax, refresh, and spend their mornings doing yoga? If you’re feeling the need to rediscover balance in your life and take some time off, a yoga retreat is the perfect solution. Here are 10 key considerations you should think about before choosing one.


Research a Yoga Retreat Location

Before you decide to book a yoga retreat, ask yourself what you’d like your ideal experience to be like as well as what you’re feeling. Do you want to be out in nature or near a big city? Are you hoping to do yoga the entire time you’re there or would you like to explore the location you’re in as well? Do you want a retreat that’s all inclusive?

You might also want to research the weather as well as some additional information on the country you’re going to, so you know what to expect. If you love humidity, sunshine, and the ocean, Costa Rica would be a great fit for you. On the other hand, if humidity and mosquitoes make you cringe, you may want to search elsewhere.


Find a Yoga Teacher You Like

Another thing to keep into consideration is who is leading the yoga retreat. Familiarize yourself with that teacher’s style and do some research on him/her to get a good understanding of their vibe, teaching style, and energy. Some questions you might want to take into consideration include:

  • Do they offer a style of yoga teaching I enjoy?
  • How long have they been teaching yoga?
  • Have they been to this location before?
  • Do they have other offerings besides yoga?

Determine What Kind of Support You Will Have

Will your yoga teacher be guiding you through a couple classes a day or will you also have a guide that will take you around the city you’re visiting? If you want to stay at a retreat center, relax, and focus on yoga, that’s a great option. On the other hand, if you want to do activities in the city and explore, you will want to choose a yoga retreat that also includes daily excursions as well.


Look into the Length of the Yoga Retreat

Ask yourself how long you’d like to be on this yoga retreat. For some people, a couple days is enough time to relax, deepen their practice, and unwind. Others want a longer experience to truly unplug from everyday life. You can always ask the yoga retreat center what their thoughts are, and what they’d recommend if this is your first yoga retreat experience.


Determine What You Want the Retreat Focus to Be

What type of experience are you looking for? Maybe you’d like the retreat to just be focused on yoga? Or maybe you’re looking for life coaching that incorporates yoga or a yoga and surf retreat that’s really active? Find one that fits you. When you read about the retreat and find yourself getting excited, that’s a good start.

You might also want to ask yourself what your intention will be with this retreat, such as make new friends, reduce stress, or give yourself some time to start a new chapter in your life. This lets you better determine which retreat option will suit you best.



What’s your budget like for a yoga retreat? Determining this can help you narrow down your search.

All-inclusive retreats are helpful as you will know how much you’ll spend beforehand and they typically cover everything (food, beverages, lodging, transportation, and some activities) except for airfare. It can be easy to overspend on lodging and meals if they’re not included in your retreat expenses, so determine if you want to opt for an all-inclusive offering.

Also, be sure to do your homework here because the cheapest yoga retreat isn’t always the best value option. You may find a cheap yoga retreat and think it’s a good idea to purchase it but then find that the retreat has 50 other clients. Most retreats offer various tiers for lodging, so if you need to save a little money, you can choose a group or double room.


Size of the Yoga Retreat

Ask how many guests can come to the yoga retreat. If you want to have a more personal experience, you’re probably going to want to find a retreat that has a 10 to 15 guest maximum policy. On the other hand, if you enjoy being in large groups, find a retreat that caters to that. Remember your yoga classes will be impacted by the number of people on the retreat. You will get more of a hands-on, personalized approach with a smaller number of people.


Style of Yoga

Choose a yoga retreat that offers yoga you enjoy doing. If you’ve never taken a Vinyasa yoga class and are looking into a Vinyasa retreat, take that type of class at home before you go to determine if you like it. You can also ask the retreat leader if the classes cater to a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level.

You might also want to see how many yoga classes are offered a day. Some people want to do a class in the morning and then one in the evening, while others may just want to stick to one class a day.



We recommend choosing a yoga retreat at a retreat center that specializes in these. You don’t want to have to worry about trip logistics while traveling, so go with a retreat center with experience. At Room to Roam, you can check out our WeTravel reviews online to read personal accounts from previous yoga retreat guests.



A yoga retreat is a great opportunity to take advantage of activities. Ask yourself if you’d like to do additional activities while on your yoga retreat. Some retreats offer massage packages, surf trips, or day activities like hiking to waterfalls, releasing sea turtles, or snorkeling.


How to Prepare for a Yoga Retreat Abroad

Our first tip on preparing for a yoga retreat abroad is to make sure you read up on the country you will be visiting. We suggest looking into what the weather will be like, if you need any pre-travel documentation beforehand (such as a visa), as well as what to expect before you head to Nicaragua. We’ve created a traveling to Nicaragua list you can reference for additional support.

If you’re looking for all-inclusive yoga retreats in beautiful locales across the world join us at Room to Roam in Nicaragua.

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