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El Salvador has more than two dozens excellent surf spots for all levels. They spread from the west (Mizata, K59, and K61, for example) to the east of El Salvador (Punta Mango and Las Flores, for example). El Salvador is a small country that makes it easy for you to make some days trips without losing an entire day traveling from one town to another. You can easily have a surf session early in the morning, take a waterfall hike and sip fresh coconut juice and be back in time for a sunset surf session right in front of the hotel.

While depending on season and the specific wave you can encounter crowds, there are plenty of options and secret spots to score plenty of waves and good vibes in this beautiful surf destination that promotes the local economies.

home break

El Zonte

  • Ability Level: Beginner to advanced
  • Best Tide: mid to high
  • Best Swell Direction: South, SW
  • Best Size: knee high to overhead
  • Best Season to surf: March-October
  • Best Season to learn to surf: November-February



  • Swell magnet
  • Popular for beginners and longboarders
  • Ideal low-mid tide 
  • Located in the popular tourist town El Tunco, with a lively sunset vibe 
  • Can be crowded, so always be aware of your surf etiquette

Punta Roca

  • Epic right hand point break with both playful open faces and long barreling sections
  • Best for intermediate + surfers who can navigate crowds
  • Be aware of the shallow exposed rocks at low tide


  • Consistent, uncrowded spot with four main peaks: The Point, Tweeners, The Beachbreak, and The Slab.
  • Different peaks offer something for surfers of all levels
  • Best mid-high tide
  • Friendly, chill vibes

La Bocana

  • In the land of the rights, this is El Salvador's true lefthand break
  • Punchier swell magnet best for intermediate + surfers
  • Works at all tides, watch for shallower rocks
  • Can get crowded in better conditions