Our intention

Room to Roam was created with an intention to both inspire growth + provide support to the local communities we belong, as well as create a global network of people all striving to make a positive impact.

Our goal with employment is to create positive and supportive job opportunities within the local workforce of each Room to Roam location. We promote the professional and personal development of each member of our crew, and offer free education and classes in English, health + fitness, personal finance, and job-specific training.

Our goal as a retreat service provider is to hold the space for wellness leaders of all kinds to share their craft + lead retreats that contribute to the well-being of others. We aim to streamline and simplify the process of leading a retreat, so the value of travel + new experiences can be enjoyed without taking on the stress of planning.

Our goal as a company is to give back in all the ways we can; to build partnerships with other like-minded companies that also seek to be a positive influence in the world, and to support causes that promote opportunities for all.


Veteran Outreach

Room to Roam is a Veteran-Owned company with founder Chance Pinkerton a veteran of the USMC. The veteran community deserves the connection, support, and opportunities to live meaningful, healed, and amazing lives, and Room to Roam is an active part of that support. We have established a relationship with New Bearing, a 501c non-profit focused on the health and wellness of the veteran community. From special discounts, assistance with fundraising, veteran surf, adventure, wellness retreats, + more, Room to Roam is committed to developing a positive space and simple travel experience for the veteran community to enjoy beautiful destinations and beneficial life experiences.


New Bearing

Through our wellness programs in off-the-beaten-path locations abroad, veterans will experience what it is like to slow down, get back to nature, and truly be in the moment.

Daily activities such as yoga, surfing, meditation, hiking, and more, are intended to help participants rejuvenate their mind, body, and spirit.

Every program also includes a service project which contributes to the local infrastructure, through which group participants can cultivate trust, understanding, and hope in each other.

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Environmental Education + Youth Empowerment

Part of the amazing local community in Playa Gigante, Nicaragua includes the grassroots efforts and education to instill a sense of respect for our environment. The Brigada de Limpieza de Gigante has over 30 children that participate in bi-weekly beach cleanups and projects on using trash to create art. These kids receive resources to keep our beaches clean and further develop the awareness of how to treat this planet. When you Roam with us, you have the beautiful opportunity to join this effort and support them on this essential evolution. Room to Roam provides donations, supplies, and our pool and activity space for swim lessons and surf training.