The Founders

Founder + Retreat Sales Director

Kate Clements

The empathetic firecracker. Hailing from the “Biggest Little City in the World” Reno, NV, Kate is a quirky, adventurous, nomadic spirit that cares deeply, laughs loudly, and believes that connection, both to self + others, is why we are all here. Her lifelong love of the ocean lead her to surfing, travelling to and living in different beachy destinations, and choosing a life that allows her to stay connected to the water.

As a certified yoga + Pilates instructor with over 9 years experience as a licensed physical therapist assistant, she cares and connects deeply to people through movement and is often "on the move herself".  The opportunity to share all these passions and meet + support different people in different places is the most exciting part....her home is on the Roam. 

To learn more about Kate or retreat hosting opportunities/studio partnerships, check out her SD Voyager Interview or email her direct at


Chancie Pinkerton

The laid-back, strategic creator. Coming from humble beginnings in small-town Texas, Chance has always dreamed of a bigger, better life. He found his way to San Diego in 2006 through his service as a US Marine. Surfing, adventure, and living life with no regrets help guide him through new endeavors where he can share his passions while also helping others develop their true potential.

His entrepreneurial mindset, background in both domestic and foreign real estate, and recent completion of his MBA program at UCLA help provide the strong foundation and forward-thinking vision of Room to Roam. Catch him surfing, enjoying a few cold cervezas, and overall just being an honest and fun-loving stand up guy. Check out his WaveTribe podcast interview here.


Meagan Ball

The Queen of capability and determination. Meagan excels at pushing through obstacles with an unmatched inner drive and commitment to always reach her goals. Well versed in business, finance, and health + fitness, she knows how to get things done while staying internally aligned.

She owns successful fitness studios in Reno, NV where her charm and depth of knowledge have created a loyal following that enjoys her blunt sense of humor and ability to always take care of every last detail. As a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, and pilates instructor, Meagan knows how to create sustainable and functional exercise regimes that promote others to live their best life…physically, mentally, and emotionally.


The crew

Sales Director

Jo Booth

Joining our salty boardroom as Director of Sales is Jo - Fun Times Enthusiast with the vision and drive to grow the Roamer community. From a military family, Jo is no stranger to new experiences and travel and while chasing waves in Nicaragua two years ago, met Chance and Kate and the journey began.

Jo wanted to combine surfing + wellness and her sales leadership acumen with broadening her global horizon alongside a crew that wasn’t displacing local culture but embracing it to become a valuable part of the landscape. And she's always down for a beer.

Jo is the Jo to Know for joining our community and is always ready with a smile and a surf invite in San Diego or at any of our rad locations. Want to learn more about her and get an RTR bro deal on your next trip? Check out her article in the SD Voyager: Jo's Article or email her directly at!

Retreat Sales Director

James Phillips

James Phillips is a passionate yoga teacher who completed his 200-hour teacher training in India in 2018 and 300-hour yoga teacher training in 2020. He enjoys leading yoga flows, workshops, and retreats and has a strong desire to create community. 

After leading his first retreat in Nicaragua with Room to Roam in 2023, James was impressed with the organization's impact and approached them to get involved. He is now the Retreat Sales Director, where he develops and promotes retreats that offer a unique blend of yoga, meditation, breathwork, adventure, and cultural experiences. James is inspired by the transformative power of retreat experiences and is committed to sharing his love of yoga with a wider audience.

To learn more about planning your next retreat, best practices for hosting yoga retreats, and developing studio partnerships, reach out to him directly at

Manager of Sales + Stoke

Sean Cohen

Meet our dude, Sean! A driven, extroverted, and adventurous surfer with a contagious passion for living life to the fullest. A Jersey boy who spent summers at the beach, Sean has always been drawn to the ocean; and after a life changing trip to Australia in 2016, he found his forever passion for surfing and the amazing culture surrounding it. 

Continuing the stoke in 2021, Sean joined Room to Roam for a surf trip in Nicaragua which left him with a burning desire to become a part of the team. During his time in Nicaragua, Sean was struck by the warmth and genuine kindness of the locals and the strong sense of community with his fellow Roamers. 

Knowing he wanted to follow his passion for travel, human connection, and surfing, plus share that stoke with others, Sean was the obvious guy for the Manager of Sales and Stoke role.  For any + all surfy-related info on rad solo and group surf trips, reach out to, and if you send a friendly message you might even find yourself with a homie hookup for your next rad roam. 

Even better...set up a "board meeting" in the water and catch his positive vibes in the flesh.

Regional Experience Manager

Ashley Turevon

The sensitive free spirited wild child, Ashley is known as someone that lives courageously from her heart. She had always dreamed of traveling the world as a kid, making lists while watching the Travel Channel of all the top destinations to go. Finally in Jan 2021, she bought a one way ticket to a Caribbean island and never looked back. With teaching yoga for the past 5 years, Assistant Managing a hiker hostel off the Appalachian Trail, and having already been living in Central America, making her way to Nicaragua and joining the Room to Roam team was an intuitive, instantaneous yes. She will be the first smiling face you see upon arrival, and your go-to gal for dancing, adventure, and all around good vibes.

Our Nicaragua Family

Playa Gigante Crew

Talking about Room to Roam without mentioning the heart and soul of our crew in Nicaragua just couldn't/wouldn't be right.  Our flagship location in the heart of Playa Gigante is home to some of the nearest and dearest friends we have ever come to know, and that you will ever come to know.  Some things cannot be described enough in words, and the feeling of "family" and "home" that you will feel instantly with this crew is one of them.