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Hosting a retreat made easy

Room to Roam is an all-inclusive retreat service provider that streamlines + simplifies the process of planning and executing retreats. We make leading international retreats simple + manage all the logistics so the experience stays supported and fluid from start to finish.


What makes us different?

Room to Roam’s concierge-level support and service is what sets us apart from other retreat hosting spaces. Not only do we provide beautiful accommodations, all transportation, and delicious food, we handle all of the back-end logistics for both you + each of your guests.

The details of marketing + coordinating international travel, meals, activities, transportation, lodging, payments, and more for a larger group of people entails quite a bit of time and management to properly execute.  We understand that those responsibilities can take away from the fun, flow, and freedom of hosting a retreat.  With these logistics taken care of for you, your energy can stay focused on creating the retreat experience that you yourself get to enjoy.

You will also have the confidence in knowing that R2R will support the entire travel process for your guests from start to finish, including personalized flight recommendations, transportation arrangements, dietary restrictions, and all travel preparations. 

One of our core values is supporting the local economies in which we roam, promoting travel that has meaning, connection, and mutual benefit for the travelers and locals alike.  Hosting a retreat with us supports a collective vision of making small (and big) ripples that make a positive difference in the human connection at a time.


Room to Roam vs competition

Our level of support and guidance is a game-changer for the retreat leading experience. Instead of feeling exhausted and depleted through the process, you get to remain in an aligned + positive headspace for your tribe.

Room to RoamTraditional model
Up-front fees None 10-50% deposit due at booking
Guest registration Included Your responsibility
Marketing Included Your responsibility
Customer support Included Your responsibility
Airport shuttle Included Your responsibility
Itinerary planning Included Your responsibility

The way leading a retreat should feel

The best part? Working with us and keeping it easy still allows you to thrive financially while also getting the trip of a lifetime. We customize packages that allow you to set your own retreat price and earn what you deserve while enjoying the ride.


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