Traveling into Nicaragua

Getting to Nicaragua with the support of Room to Roam

Although travel in 2023 seems like a difficult process to navigate, it really isn’t, and we are here to guide you through each step, from purchasing the right flight, getting any/all travel requirements met, and arriving simply and safely from the airport to our retreat hotel. We are here for you so if you have questions message us today.


You may choose to fly into either the capital of Nicaragua, Managua (MGA), or Liberia, Costa Rica (LIR). We assist with finding optimal flights based on your individual travel route.

Visa: Most countries do NOT need a Visa prior to arriving in Nicaragua, and a Tourist Visa is purchased upon arrival for $14 USD total is valid for 90 days.

COVID-19 in Nicaragua:

To view the World Heath Organization’s most updated statistics on Covid cases in Nicaragua click here.

Nicaragua removed the requirements to show proof of vaccine or proof of a negative PCR test.  You will just need to show a valid passport that does not expire within 6 months of your travel date.

Our address/specific location:
(not typical addresses here):

 Room to Roam
150m South of Hotel Blu Sol, Playa Gigante, Tola, Rivas, Nicaragua
Local Phone Number: +505-7896-0707

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Use our local business number as your local contact info:
Manager Sadam Torres : +505 7896 0707

What to Expect Arriving in Managua (MGA)

Managua is a smaller airport that is simple to navigate after landing and getting through customs. There is one main exit door where you will see your professional shuttle driver waiting for you with a Room to Roam sign. Once you get into the private shuttle, just kick back and enjoy the drive to the Southern beaches of Nicaragua (approx 2-2.5 hours depending on traffic). We have steady communication with the drivers to always know your whereabouts and to ensure everything is good to go.

Customs Info:
As you enter Nicaragua, you will be asked to provide a local address/contact info in addition to paying $10 USD for a tourist visa that lasts 90 days. Aim for exact change on this, just to keep the travel process fluid and simple.


Nicaragua daily temps stay pretty consistent year round with the low-high range between 73 and 90 degrees fahrenheit. During the “wet” season between May – October there are tropical rains and weather that typically light and do not last long, just on and off throughout the day. The ocean temperatures are typically around 80-85 degrees, though there are times when the water can feel a little chilly and you will want a wetsuit jacket or vest.


The local currency is Cordobas (cords) where approximately 35 cords = $1 USD. US dollars are accepted in almost every place, however having smaller bills is helpful to avoid constantly needing the small businesses to make change. It is NOT essential to have local currency ahead of time for your trip. Many places also accept credit cards, just remember to put travel notifications on any cards you may plan to use. Any purchases with Room to Roam can also be made via Venmo or Paypal. We accept credit cards as well, however there is a 5.5% fee tacked on from the bank and machine surcharges. Having small bills available is also helpful for tipping easily when the situation arises. Tipping is optional, however, remember this is a country and economy that depends on tourism, so a small amount here and there can mean a lot to a person/family. Additionally, plan for having about $10 in USD (5 ones and 1 five would be best) for your return to USA travel. Maybe set this aside in the beginning to keep things super easy throughout your entire journey:)


Nicaragua uses the same plug/socket/voltage system as the United States, so adaptors are not necessary. (120 volts and 60hz)


You can wash by hand or have staff at the retreat center do your laundry. It is $5 per load to have done by Room to Roam staff .

This is a lot of info…we know…we will guide you through every step when you Roam with Us. We also understand there are many people that like as much info as possible way in advance, so here it is:)