Nicaragua is home to so many world-class waves, and many are within easy access from our beachside hotel along the Southern Pacific coastline. We have great options available by foot, car, or boat!

Playa Gigante specifically gives you easy access to both the waves within walking distance, as well as the waves accessed from a panga ride.  We partner with a local family for shaded panga boat rides, and pro surf guides to get to the best waves.

You can read a detailed explanation of many nearby waves here. We have over 30 boards that you can pick from to use, but look here if you need updated surfboard airline fees by carrier.

North Amarillo
South Amarillo
South Amarillo

Home Break: Playa Amarillo (North and South) Beach breaks
~walkable x 10 min (or Surf Wagon) x 5 minutes
-can work all levels depending on swell
~South Amarillo is usually little bit smaller than the North with super good surf vibes.
~North Amarillo can offer bigger, fun beach break with no crowds


~5 min Panga Boat ride or 30 min beach walk
~Known for shallower beach break barrels
-not usually advised for beginners

~Can have bigger crowds


Panga Drops:
~10 min Panga Boat ride
~Panga Drops has large, slopey wave faces Lefts and rights, semi-beginner friendly and good at all tides, can get huge also
~Sensitive to high winds, can be worse in afternoon


Mag Rock/Beginner Bay:

-25 min Surf Wagon drive
-fun, beginner-friendly point break
-better mid-high tide


25 min Surf Wagon or Panga ride
-Pretty clean A-Frame reef break 
-intermediate  +  skill level
-good mid to high tide

Lance’s Left:
45 min Panga boat ride
-Long, FUN, left reef break–can work in all tides (high tide a little mushy if swell is small)
-Good for all levels, can get huge when swell is big. The wave face stays open for long, fun rides with room to maneuver


60 min Panga Boat ride
-A-Frame reef break
often compared to Lower Trestles
-mid-high tide best
Intermediate + skill level

15 min Panga Boat ride
-Left reef break, only works on certain swells -intermediate + skill level
-mid tide