Why travel to Nicaragua?

Affordable adventure without sacrificing comfort

As Room to Roam Co-Founders, Kate and Chance are no stranger to hearing the common question….why Nicaragua?! Making a decision to quit their stable day-jobs in San Diego, California to build a travel experience company during the middle of a pandemic clearly raised a few eyebrows. Additionally, spreading the word to promote people traveling to our new Central American paradise along the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua was often met with hesitancy about the safety of Nicaragua. It became clear that a general lack of knowledge, inaccurate misconceptions, and outdated information on Nicaragua was interfering with it being seen and appreciated. So, allow us to reintroduce Nicaragua to you with facts that may both surprise and delight you.

Nicaragua has recently been ranked as one of the top 10 safest countries to travel to despite Covid-19. Based on research and data from the University of Oxford and the World Health Organization (WHO), a recent publication ranks Nicaragua as the only place on the American continent where it is safe to travel, highlighting that, of every 100 inhabitants, 78 have not been infected with the virus 1. Additionally, “Nicaragua obtained the seal of safe travels from the World Travel and Tourism Council, WTTC, for applying Tourism Biosafety Protocols in the context of covid-19.”2

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It's safe!

Not only is Nicaragua a hidden gem, Nicaragua is one of the safest countries in Central America! As in all cases and places, it protects you to be a smart + savvy traveler that avoids political protests and exercises general caution and awareness. In the event that you were to require medical attention, the Roberto Clemente Health Clinic is just 15 minutes away from our hotel.

Playa Gigante, Nicaragua is attractive to travelers that appreciate new experiences, beautiful tropical beaches, delicious local cuisine, vibrant + friendly culture, world-class surf, and the joy of unspoiled and uncrowded places. Room to Roam is attractive to travelers who enjoy affordable adventure without sacrificing comfort… travelers who are ready to relax and flow through the travel process with ease…travelers that do not want to feel stuck planning + coordinating logistics…travelers that enjoy exploring their own Room to Roam.


A road less traveled

After these last 2 years, why not Roam around, let yourself have a shift in perspective, and choose to experience the road less traveled? We did, and we know you will love it here as much as we do. Check out our upcoming retreats and package getaways to see for yourself.

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  2. Nicaragua obtains safe travel stamp from WTTC