How to Travel to Nicaragua in 2022 & 2023

Is traveling to Nicaragua hard?

Traveling to Nicaragua is simpler than you may think, and educating yourself on the steps make it an even simpler travel journey to this hidden gem of Central America. Don’t let your lack of knowledge or false assumptions cause you to miss out on enjoying this magical country.


Managua (ACS) instructions

As of February 2022, the ONLY Airline flying into Managua is Avianca Airlines. Despite tempting promotions and sale fares that other flights/airlines are advertising and available to book (here’s lookin’ at you American & United Airlines), the only airline that is actually running flights is Avianca. Additionally, flying Avianca into Managua also requires that you submit your negative RT-PCR covid test result NO LESS THAN 36 hours prior to your flight so it can be forwarded to the Nicaraguan health authorities for approval. This means that you have to be very intentional about the timing of your test so you can have results that are available within these time frames. If you can carefully follow directions, this is not an issue. Read HERE to learn more about Avianca requirements. Click HERE to read more about Nicaragua requirements.

Upon arrival into Nicaragua, you will be asked the name and location where you are staying along with a local contact phone number. Entry via MGA costs $10USD.


Costa Rica (LIR) instructions

The benefit of flying into Costa Rica is that there are plentiful flight options and schedules with all major airlines in service, so fares can frequently (not always) be less expensive compared to Managua.  Costa Rica DOES NOT require a Covid test to enter, so there is no requirement to submit your negative test to the airline prior to your flight, you just need it to show in person when you actually cross the land border into Nicaragua (still within 72 hours of arrival into Nicaragua).

Additionally, all persons entering Costa Rica must complete a Health Pass form that generates a QR code necessary for travel.  This can only be completed within 48 hours of your flight, and requires that you either:

1. Provide proof of vaccination (a picture of your card works)


2. Purchase specific pandemic travel insurance to meet Costa Rica’s requirements if you are unvaccinated.

Review more CR entry requirement information here.

Upon arrival into Costa Rica, you will be asked the name and location where you are staying in Nicaragua along with a local contact phone number.  Entry via Costa Rica is $14USD (Exact change makes this much smoother.)

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