Surfing vibes in Playa Gigante

A hidden gem

Although surfing while on your travels to Playa Gigante is not essential, it is a hidden gem in the world of surf trips.  Staying in Gigante as a hub for your next surf trip is an excellent choice, as not only is the home break of Playa Amarillo fun, friendly, and close, but Gigante is the easiest place to hop on a panga boat to reach all of the nearby warm water, uncrowded, and world-class waves.  We have options like Manzanillo, the powerful left reef break accessible only by boat, Lance’s Left or Panga Drops for powerful, big sloped faces, or Playgrounds for super fun A frames with a little more punch… just to mention a few.  Having the ability to access so many amazing waves while also experiencing the colorful and vibrant local community of Playa Gigante is a special combo, and we recommend getting a taste of it!

Staying and surfing in Gigante means you would definitely surf at least once at Playa Amarillo: our friendly, neighborhood beach break.  Surf wise, Amarillo has something for everyone: it can suit beginners when the swell is smaller. fire overhead barrels when the swell is pumping, and have plenty of intermediate days full of fun lefts and rights. Just a short walk from Room to Roam to Playa Amarillo, and you will catch your first glimpse of the beach — empty, undeveloped, full of natural beauty. Pause + soak it up while checking the wave out and where you want to sit, then suit up and dash over the hot sand into the warm + refreshing tropical waters. Mid to high tide is best, and you can choose from the slightly mellower south Amarillo or the punchier north Amarillo, which is just south of the famous shallow beach break, Playa Colorados.


Encouragement for days

The small crew you may find out in the water at Amarillo is a friendly mix of locals and expats. As soon as you familiarize yourself with the wave you receive smiles upon smiles along with encouragement. “Dale, Dale…eso!” you might hear in the distance as you paddle intensely for a wave. Overall, the water scene is a 10/10 with encouragement, laughs, sharing, care, and clean waves. What more could you ask for?


A road less traveled

Already this surf season of 2021 is delivering consistent sizeable swell with super fun waves all along the Emerald Coast. Send us a message to set up your own custom surf trip and experience Gigante for yourself! Nicaragua is an unspoiled + chill tropical destination with beaches, waves, and good vibes to keep your stoke level high while you enjoy the Room to Roam.