Nicaragua Surf Camps: Your How to Guide on Choosing One

Where are the best surfing spots in Nicaragua?

Chances are you’ve probably heard about surf camps, but if not, you’re in for a treat. Surf camps set up surf schools or surf experiences in beautiful places near the best surfing spots in the world! Companies like Room to Roam offer surf camps and surf retreats to international travelers and surfers of all ages and abilities. Whether you’re just getting started or learned to surf right after you starting walk, we have a surf camp for you. Today, we’re going to go over tips on choosing a surf camp in Nicaragua, including what you need to know before picking one.

First off, where should you surf in Nicaragua? Nicaragua is a surfer’s paradise as it boasts more than 350 km of Pacific coastline, warm water, and winds that blow offshore over 300 days a year. See what we mean? Here are our favorite surfing spots in Nicaragua.


Playa Amarillo

Playa Amarillo is a neighborhood beach break that has a little something for all levels. It’s located on an undeveloped beach situated in paradise. You can choose to surf the slightly mellower south Amarillo or take on the punchier north Amarillo, which is just south of Playa Colorados.


Playa Colorados

Playa Colorados is a decent, consistent beach break that’s around chest to shoulder high to about three feet overhead. It’s loved and surfed by locals and visitors alike.


Playa Maderas

This surf break is near San Juan Del Sur and features a sand bottom break. On an average day you’ll get treated to little runners and a couple of head dippers, so the break holds well. It’s best for intermediate to advanced surfers.



Popyo is a small beach located in the Tola Municipality district. You can choose from Playa Popoyo, a sand bottom beach that’s perfect for all levels that features channels that run on either side of the main takeoff zone, or an outer reef section. The outer reef section can hold a swell that’s double overhead and is best reserved for more advanced surfers as it gets heavy.


Tips on choosing the best surf camp in Nicaragua

There are so many surf options to choose from here and trying to find the best surf camp for your surf level may feel overwhelming at first. So, let us help. With years of experience running surf camps and surfing with a wide variety of surfers from all over the globe, we may be a bit biased. We are experienced though, and we hope our tips convey that. Here are our tips on how to choose the best surf camp for your level and needs.


Consider the accommodations

Look into what a surf camp offers in terms of accommodations, lodging, food, transportation, and more! While you might think a surf camp is just for beach bums, this isn’t the case! You can find everything from high-class surf resorts to bohemian, laid-back surf lounge-y vibes. You might want to consider the following:

  • Will you have your own room or a shared room?
  • Does the surf camp have a swimming pool?
  • Are food and beverages included?
  • Is there transportation to and from the surf spots?
  • Are there communal spaces to chill or relax in?

All these considerations contribute to an overall great surf experience.


Check out reviews of the surf camp

If you’re going to spend time and money on a surf camp, it’s best to know if others enjoyed their surf experience as well. You can look up reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp, WeTravel, and other platforms to see what people are saying.

You also want to make sure all surf instructors are ISA certified, which is the international standard of safety, quality, and efficacy for surf coaches and instructors within the surf industry.


Remember to consider location

You will want to be close enough to the beach and if instant beach access is important to you, you’ll want to be as close as you can to the nearest surf spot. Keep in mind you can always take a scooter to a nearby surf break too.


Ask the trip leaders questions

If you want more of a personalized touch, don’t hesitate to reach out to the surf camp leaders to learn more about their offering. If they’re excited and knowledgeable about the surf camp they’re leading, then that’s a great sign you’re in for a fantastic time.


How should you prepare for a surf lesson?

Before taking off on your first surf lesson, it’s best to get a little prepared. We recommend preparing yourself mentally first. Know that if you’re a beginner you might wiggle, lose your balance, fall, and nosedive, and possibly catch a wave on your face. You may also stand up on your first or second wave and feel exhilarating joy – who knows what will happen, that’s part of the fun. This leads us to our first tip have a positive attitude.

Other tips we suggest include the following:

  • Be sure to listen to your surf coach and follow the basics.
  • Have a general understanding of water safety and the break you’re about to surf.
  • Wear the proper rash guard/swimsuit/wetsuit (make sure you have board shorts or a bathing suit that is athletic and won’t fall off you).

Have fun and don’t give up!


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