Simple + Natural Skincare for 2022 + Beyond

Reasonable skincare

Finding a skin-care routine for anyone can be a challenge…let alone one that doesn’t involve too many steps or too much $. 

Even when you mean to treat your skin well, products are often packed with either cheap fillers or harsh synthetic ingredients that can cause a whole host of skin (and other health) issues.  It can be frustrating to find things that you actually want to put all over your face + body (or should).


Halia Naturals

That is why I am so stoked to have access to a product that is clean, simple, and effective. Something I can apply after a long day in the sun to rehydrate + repair without clogging my pores. And honestly…something that I don’t have to worry is secretly causing cancer or disruption to my endocrine system because it has weird chemicals in it.

Halia is a company that uses 100% natural, organic Moringa oil to create a one-step solution to skin rehydration, protection, and repair.

Moringa has over 45 antioxidants + nutrients that soothe + hydrate without leaving an oily residue and you can immediately see + feel the refreshed glow.

The best part? The founder Megan is a total badass with a heart of gold. The type of person you trust + want to support. Read below.


The soulful, conscious surfer behind Halia

Megan Daubert found her way to Playa Gigante how most of us do…by Roaming along the tropical coastline where waves and sunshine and the simple life converge.

With a positive + approachable demeanor, it was easy to get to know Megan and quickly feel the comfort of talking to someone who just exudes realness + cares about what they do and who they are.

This truly is an amazing skin care solution for the person that needs to replenish from spending their days outside exposed to the elements. The person who cares about the quality and safety and impact of the products they use and support. The person that wants to live consciously but casually at the same time.

Head over to the website to learn more and get notified when Halia launches worldwide. You won’t need long to know it works, and your dollar will go to support a small business that operates with awareness and intention.