Yoga Teacher Training Intensive

July 10-30th, 2022
Choose from 1, 2 or the full 3 week training along the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua to immerse yourself in yoga and enjoy life off the beaten path.
Expand your own yoga practice with 200 + 300 hour opportunities, choose anywhere between 1-3 weeks of training!
Explore and enjoy some time off the beaten path along the beautiful Emerald Coast of Nicaragua.
This Yoga Teacher Training intensive opportunity offers internationally recognized 200 + 300 hour training options as well as continuing education training credits with Yoga Alliance.
Playa Gigante, Nicaragua is the perfect place to immerse yourself in yoga philosophy and let it change your life.
This quaint, beachy fishing village shows a colorful way of life with wonderful, friendly people; beautiful, undeveloped beaches, and a chance to step back from the distractions and drop in to yourself.
Our beachside accommodations keep you comfortable with hot water, A/C, and Wifi, so you can truly relax and stay connected to loved ones with ease.
Come Roam the colorful life with Rise + Vibe Yoga!

Single Occupancy-Full 3 Week Training


Double Occupancy-Full 3 Week Training

Elevate. Meditate. Liberate. Change your life with Rise + Vibe Yoga.
Rise + Vibe trainings are Yoga Alliance recognized and follow both those standards, along with their own mission of elevating each students practice to a new level. We’re raising the vibration by offering dynamic and diverse trainings which cultivate teachings with openness, curiosity and discipline.
Curriculum- The content of our training falls into 5 categories of study:
Technique, Training + Practice: Styles are founded in Ashtanga and Vinyasa, with an intention to introduce complementary styles like Yin, Restorative + meditation practices. These hours are spent practicing yoga; asana, pranayama, mudra, mantra and more.
Anatomy + Physiology: Expect to study the human body on a physical, mental and spiritual level. From the anatomical systems of the body, to maps of prana running along our nervous system and the mind/brain connection, topics here are currently relevant and always evolving as Western + Eastern sciences start to work more closely side by side.
Teaching Methodology: In the name “yoga teacher training” this is where we break down safety, lesson planning, business, marketing, client relations, standards of practice and much, much more. You’ll leave the Rise + Vibe training with resources and knowledge moving into the modern yoga world.
Philosophy + Lifestyle: The history of yoga is rich and deep. While there is still much we don’t know, what we do know is incredibly valuable and important to being successful teachers of yoga. These hours are spent discussing the Yama + Niyama, historical context, classical texts/philosophies, cultural appropriation and meaningful mindsets.
Rise + Vibe: Every yogi comes to YTT for a different reason. This part of your training is personal and unique, time spent journaling and reflecting on why are you here? Both in YTT + the world? How is yoga relevant to you?

What's included

-60 contact hours per week of internationally recognized yoga training from Rise + Vibe Yoga
-Accommodations October 3-23rd in our 4-star Beachside Boutique Hotel equipped with Wifi, Hot Water, + A/C
-All Meals (On program training days, brunch and dinner are provided with snacks and juice throughout the day, on off days the menu is available and 3 meals are included).
-Roundtrip Airport Transportation to/from the retreat center
-Assistance with selecting flights and meeting/understanding all travel requirements, a very supported process to guide you to us safely, easily, and reliably. -Assistance with coordinating any extra activities for your days off (Day trips, boat trips, massages, horseback riding, etc)

Retreat leader


Chrissy Lefavour with Rise + Vibe Yoga

Owner and Founder of Rise + Vibe Yoga School, RYT-500

Chrissy Lefavour started Rising and Vibing long before this vision came to a name in 2019. She began her 200 hour YTT with Kathy McNames of Yoga Vermont in July 2012. Naturally she was invited to teach Ashtanga in her hometown community of Montpelier, VT in the fall of that year. In the next year and a half Chrissy’s class offerings had grown to include: SUP yoga, Yoga for Kids, Yoga with Horses, private instruction along with her studio classes, Power Yoga, Ashtanga, Chandra Flow, + more… After graduating from the advanced 500 hour training at Yoga Vermont in the spring of 2014, Chrissy founded Grateful Yoga, an Asthanga inspired studio dedicated to hard work, loving kindness and gratitude towards everything in October of that year. With a focused vision and passion for teaching, she expanded her offerings to a comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training program in January 2016 and launched her first international retreat to the Dominican Republic in March. This is when Chrissy’s traveled spark (chispa) and thirst for learning were stoked again. In 2019 her YTT program included a small staff of dynamic + inspiring trainers, advanced 300 + 500 hour options, a unique training formula and international recognition. She changed the name of the yoga school and her personal offerings to Rise + Vibe in 2020 to distinguish it apart from her studio. Chrissy continues to offer retreats + trainings worldwide and now lives at Yoga Kite Camp in the DR with her husband. While Rise + Vibe continues to evolve, the mission remains: elevate, meditate, liberate. We must raise our awareness (elevate) and focus our minds (meditate) on the well-being of humanity and the universe at large (liberate).