Come Home to YourSELF: Ladies Healing Adventure + Surf Retreat

December 3 – 10th, 2021
Retreat within YourSELF and experience the transformational healing of Somatic Movement Therapy, Breath Work & Bach Flower Remedies, and trauma healing through brain attunements!
When we have a sacred container to dive and explore beyond the surface of our fears, the roots of those fears are brought to the surface/illuminated. Here we are empowered with new choices to unwind and unravel habitual patterns that are no longer serving our highest vibration/version of our SELF. Imagine it’s like a tree that’s fallen in our path, we just need a map to illuminate the paths that we can’t already see. For the unknown to unfold in magical ways It takes courage, trust and the willingness to show up for your own SELF. You cannot change what you’re not willing to dive below the surface and explore. If you have a tenancy to hold back from fears, trauma, self doubt or negative self talk this sacred container was designed just for you. Braving the depths of our inner Ocean will empower you with new tools to ride both your life waves and Mother Ocean’s Waves with more grace, ease and Joy! Transformational Breathing is a self-empowering and dynamically powerful healing process that utilizes a high vibrational energy force created by a specific breathing pattern. The three levels of transformational breathing will allow you to breathe better, have more energy, feel more peaceful and ultimately attain higher levels of consciousness. Learn how to use your breath to access your electromagnetic field at the cellular level and create permanent healing and transformation. The first level will open and expand your breathing so that you have more energy and support for your body’s natural healing abilities. The second level works on healing traumas and negativity in your subconscious mind such as unexpressed emotions, negative beliefs, old tapes and past memories. The first two levels enable you to utilize the third level of breath work which is consciously connecting with our higher aspects of conscious reality and self. Bach flower essences are homeopathically prepared from the blooms of plants bushes and trees. They are energetic remedies that work to stimulate your vital life force. These remedies work on every level to permanently heal instead of mask symptoms. The remedies flood your body with beautiful vibrations of your highest nature. These are completely safe, non-toxic and have no side effects.

Double Occupancy


Single Occupancy

Come home to yourself, stepping outside of your daily routine for a week of magical healing, surf, and play.
Special Addition to the Retreat!! Dr Cathleen King, DPT is neuroscience-based physical therapist, transformational coach, consciousness educator, and mom. She founded Create Your Brain State, LLC– a company focused on creating programs for nervous system regulation for chronic illness and trauma recovery. Her techniques combine brain retraining, somatic awareness, energy repatterning, and polyvagal theory with a trauma-informed approach. Cathleen will be offering guided brain rewiring attunements, a revolutionary technique combining neuroscience and quantum healing principles. A brain rewiring attunement allows for memory reconsolidation to rewrite our deeply held emotional and behavior patterns that are limiting us from bringing our True Self fully into the world.

What's included

7 nights accommodations at our 4-star beachside boutique hotel (Wifi, Hot Water, A/C)
4 fresh, healthy, locally sourced meals daily (early AM snack, breakfast, lunch, dinner)
roundtrip transportation between airport and the retreat
daily somatic movement therapy with Paleena
2 transformational breathwork sessions
custom blended Bach Flower Remedy
San Juan Del Sur + Ziplining Day trip (w/lunch) daily surf excursions
All surfboard rentals Assistance booking flights and arranging extra activities (massage, horseback riding, day trips, salsa dancing, etc)

Retreat leaders



Certified Yoga Therapist
Certified Holistic Wellness Coach
Somatic Movement Therapist
Movement Junkie

I am curious and adventurous and view life as a journey to be embraced rather than a list of rigid demands to be accomplished. I have discovered my life’s balance in nature, and through the vehicle of my own healing journey – one that required me to dive deep within myself.
As a competitive athlete, I initially had success by pushing past my weak areas and relying on my strengths to push me through and keep me going. This autopilot habit took me past the point where my overall health and wellbeing was supported. I refer to this now as strengths overdone.
The result was a series of broken bones, ligament tears, bulging disks, multiple concussions and surgeries. I pushed through years of chronic back pain until I got to the point where I was losing weeks of my life drugged up on pain killers and muscle relaxers. The specialists advised me that the only hope was surgery.
Instead, I pursued acupuncture and Naturopathic medicine, learned how to truly nourish my body, and explored yoga and supportive movement. It was through this process that I learned that I had choice in my relationship with my body – I could use movement as a drug or fix or I could use it to deepen relationship with myself.
The freedom I found in my own body led me to want to share these limitless possibilities with others. And so that’s just what I’ve done! I’ve been studying and teaching Yoga and Pilates since 2005, became a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach in 2009, and submerged myself into the world of yoga therapy, studying with some of the most unique teachers in the world, and became a Certified Yoga Therapist in 2014.
I remain a curious student and promise to continue on this journey, sharing my explorations openly and honestly with you.
We are not meant to ride life’s waves alone. I believe we are stronger together.

Karen Winter

Transformational Breathwork Facilitator + Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner

As an author, speaker and EFT practitioner, Karen’s intention is to help individuals heal from emotional pain and move into their highest vision of themselves.
Karen, through EFT, is able to help people release negative emotional blocks, fears and phobias as well as physical pain. By removing these negative emotions on an energetic level, we can then move forward with our lives with conscious creation.
Karen Winter is a relationship facilitator helping individuals and families create peaceful, fulfilling relationships. She teaches concrete tools and techniques you can take back into your relationships instantly altering the dynamics into positive creation. She is the most sought after messenger for men and women who go through emotional transition and/or divorce seeking to heal.
Karen is the author of, What Would Love Do Now? Which has been adopted by therapists and spiritual practitioners as the way to heal from separation and learn the deeper meaning of relationships. Her written words and style of teaching aid others in healing and gaining insight needed to become empowered to re-create their lives. You come to realize that everything is possible!
Karen’s goal is to help individuals realize the power of their thoughts and how they are connected to our energy and to direct them in the highest form possible, which is compassion, forgiveness and love.
Karen Winter brings extensive knowledge and experience into the realm of healing, empowerment, and raising the collective consciousness by using a combination of amazing therapeutic technologies. From biofield tuning, individual and group breathwork sessions, EFT, and RASHA technologies, Karen facilitates deep healing and new opportunities of living from a connected internal landscape. Within moments of meeting Karen, her innate gift of healing and promoting health is unmistakably felt, and her wisdom and guidance to explore your own wellness is a true gift from the universe.

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