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“I’ve got 10 more years and then I can have fun again” … 

I was at a workout class the other day when a person said these words to me. I was telling them how I’d just gotten back from a month in Costa Rica with my husband, Jess. One of those weeks we spent at a yoga retreat. It was nothing short of pure magic. But hearing that statement… it made my heart hurt for this person. Especially since I know they’re not the only one who feels stuck in their current situation. 

So maybe you can’t whisk yourself away to a new country for a month. But how about for a week? 

Just one little week out of the 52 we’re blessed with each year. Sometimes even that feels impossible. I get it. But here’s the thing… 

Do you feel like a different person today than you did 10 years ago? Does your life look different? Unless you’re living under a rock, of course it does. 

Life changes rapidly. We face hardships and tragedy. We also experience milestones, promotions, joyful celebrations, and simple evenings watching the sunset. The point is – things are always shifting and it goes by FAST. 

You are changing and growing every single day. To put off traveling, “having fun”, or living your best life, whatever that looks like for you, feels like a waste. 

As much as we plan and prep and dream, the reality is that we have ZERO intel on what our lives will look like 10 years from now. There’s a person we might hope to be and a reality we may hope has become ours. But we never really know until we’re there. 

All we know for sure is now. You don’t have to love every minute of your life, but you do have to live it. And ideally, not 10 years from now. 

Still sitting on the fence about booking that flight or signing up for that retreat? 

If anything, going on a trip (especially a retreat!) will help you become MORE successful in both your work and your life. 

How so? 

You’ll return from your week in paradise rejuvenated. With new memories, friendships, and experiences that you’d never get staying at home. You’ll have a greater understanding of a culture and country different than your own. A deeper knowledge of the world and a heightened appreciation for your own life. 

All of this will lead you to becoming more inspired, productive, & intentional in your field. (& if by chance you return feeling LESS inspired by your work, maybe it’s time for a career change?) I digress. 

As I mentioned, Jess and I recently returned from a month-long trip to Costa Rica. What an incredible time it was. Nature walks, waterfalls, beach days, delicious food, so many new friends, and of course, tons of yoga and surfing. 

Not everyone can uproot their life to live and work from a new country for a month. But most people can take a week… 

Retreats are a special kind of vacation. They go beyond the typical hotel or Airbnb rental and tourist attractions. 

They’re immersive. Energetic. Life changing. A retreat is an experience made to support, guide, and nourish you. Logistically, retreats take the planning out of your hands, and into the hands of your caring hosts. Energetically, they allow you to completely step back from your daily life. A week to reconnect with nature, with like-minded people, with yourself. 

When was the last time you took a trip? 

The last time you spent time with yourself? 

The last time you did something just for YOU?

How about the last time you left your bubble & stepped outside of your comfort zone? 

There is something so beautiful that happens when we let ourselves be uncomfortable. If we face it, only one thing can happen – we grow. The best part about growth? We can only grow forwards, never back. 

This August, we’ll fly back to the same Costa Rica airport, only this time we’ll head north. For 6 nights, we’ll call the tiny town of Playa Gigante in Nicaragua our home. We’ll gather there with a group we’ve never had all together before. Each person coming from their own town with their own story. 

We’ll get to know each other, practice yoga together, learn to surf or better our surfing skills. We’ll eat wholesome foods that nourish our bodies. We’ll relax, reset, and above all else, have SO much fun. 

There will always be more retreats to attend and more trips to take. But there will never be this exact one, with these people, at this point in our lives ever again. 

Life is happening right now, my friend. It’s a big world out there. If you have any inkling to see it, now is the best time to begin. It’s the only time you know you have for sure. 

See you in Nicaragua! 

Much love,


yoga teacher, entrepreneur, retreat host  

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