Our Team


chance water

Chancie Pinkerton


Coming from humble beginnings in small-town Texas to the beach life in Encinitas, CA, Chance has an affinity for adventure, exploration, giving back, and quenching his thirst with some cold IPAs.  He fell in love with surfing in 2012, Playa Gigante, Nicaragua in 2016, and his girlfriend and co-founder Kate in 2019.  His entrepreneurial mindset, background in both domestic and foreign real estate, and current MBA program at UCLA help provide the strong foundation and overall vision of Room to Roam.  Catch him surfing, fishing, and overall just being an honest and fun-loving stand up guy.

kate yoga

Kate Clements


Hailing from the “Biggest Little City in the World” Reno, NV, Kate is a quirky, adventurous, nomadic spirit that cares deeply, laughs loudly, and believes in promoting health and wellness through travel, movement, and self exploration. She fell in love at first sight with the ocean in 1990, surfing in 2014, and her boyfriend and co-founder Chance in 2019. As a certified yoga + pilates instructor as well as over 8 years licensed physical therapy background, Kate brings true knowledge and passion for wellness to Room to Roam. Catch her creating a new workout flow, striking up deep conversations, or laughing at her own jokes.



Andres Weishaupt

Professional Freelance Photographer + Chief Stoke Officer

The Salt of the Earth. Andres grew up in a tiny mountain town in Bavaria, Germany, where at 12 years old he became a pioneer of snowboarding during its initial days in Europe. Combining his early interest in photography and videography with the thrill of shredding the slopes, he became a self-taught photographer who excels at capturing the essence of the moment + the candid joy of the experience. First surfing in France in his early twenties, it wasn’t long before he swapped his love for snowboarding to an unquenchable thirst for shredding the waves instead.  Now residing in Encinitas,CA since 2015, Andres exemplifies living life always stoked with a smile, a positive attitude, and a genuine kindness and goodness that magnetically draws people to him.  Catch him surfing all the inside lefts, buying used surfboards daily, and making friends wherever he goes.

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Sophia Taylor

Blog + Creative COntent Contributor

Tortillas, tacos, tamales—Sophia’s Latin American culture is a big part of her identity. Navigating her Guatemalan and Zimbabwean roots while growing up between Nicaragua and the United States helped shape her unique perspective and vibrant personality. The ambiguity that stems from negotiating diverse backgrounds and juggling distinct cultures + languages allows for greater understanding, compassion, and worldviews.  Whether it is walking dusty roads, measuring water wells, teaching English, or learning to surf at Playa Amarillo, Sophia has had many opportunities to learn + experience the culture, history and background of Playa Gigante, a little beachy village on the southern Pacific coast of Nicaragua.  Her invaluable perspective + adventurous, creative spirit shine through her contributions to Room to Roam!