Goddess Rebirth Retreat

May 29th-June 4th, 2022
“Stepping onto a brand-new path is difficult, but not more difficult than remaining in a situation, which is not nurturing to the whole woman.” -Maya Angelou
Rebirth Goddess Retreat This is an opportunity to experience self healing tools like daily feminine based Chakra Yoga & Meditation, yoni steam rituals, and sacred waistbead + full moon ceremonies. Our beautiful accommodations are across the street from the ocean, for those seeking connection with nature and themselves while watching amazing tropical sunsets along raw, untouched beaches. Rebirth is a renewal, a revival, an awakening to something new, that can take place many times over a lifetime. You are encouraged to be part of this process in optimizing your wellness in body, mind, and spirit. This retreat is curated to cover a number of practices over time from a variety of lineages that are focused on deepening the connection with self. We will breathe together, witness each other and support each other in a safe space to thrive. When we share from a place of authenticity, in a non-judgmental space, we uplift and inspire each other as we travel our own unique journeys.

Single Occupancy

$2500 per person

Double Occupancy

$2200 per person
Rebirth is a renewal, a revival, an awakening to something new, that can take place many times over a lifetime. You are encouraged to be part of this process in optimizing your wellness in body, mind, and spirit.
You are stepping off the beaten path with all the adventure and none of the hassle. We will guide you here easily so you can experience this magical week within a sisterhood that is adventuring into uncharted territory, both internally and externally. The boutique hotel is your private oasis to relax, unwind, and re-center. There are beautiful poolside vibes, and a new Grand Palapa covered wellness space to practice yoga and meditation. The onsite restaurant and bar make it so easy to enjoy some of the best food in Playa Gigante, with something to accommodate all dietary restrictions. Whether you want to enjoy a fresh, tropical smoothie or hand-crafted cocktail, this space provides a beautiful backdrop to your week in Nicaragua. The charming local fishing village is full of friendly locals, roaming pigs, cows, and chickens, and a demonstration of living life with gratitude and appreciation for the simple things. The beaches are beautiful: options of walking along the Bay with colorful Panga boats and beach businesses, or along completely untouched coastline with a lush, green backdrop and perfect stretch for a magical bonfire at sunset. Included in this package is a day trip to La Isla de Ometepe. La Isla de Ometepe is the largest fresh water volcanic island in the world, formed by 2 volcanoes (one still active) in L:ake Nicaragua. This full day trip involves a ferry ride across Lake Nicaragua to see the lush island, butterfly sanctuary, swim in volcanic waters, eat a lakefront lunch, and see beautiful sights of the volcanos before returning to the hotel for dinner and time to relax.

What's included

6 nights 4-star beachside boutique hotel accommodations””
(each room equipped with A/C, hot showers, Wifi, high quality mattresses)””
4 meals daily (early AM snack, breakfast, lunch, dinner) with a focus on fresh, local, and healthy cuisine and all dietary restrictions can be accommodated (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free-etc)””
Roundtrip Transportation between the airport and our retreat hotel (from Liberia, CR or Managua, Nicaragua)””
Daily Hatha Yoga flows””
Daily Meditations””
Day trip to Ometepe Island””
Waistbeads Ceremony””
Private Yoni Steaming””
Individual Consultation with Christina

Retreat leader


Christina Wherry

Trauma-Informed Yoga Instructor/Doula, Owner of Thick Girl Yoga LA

‘A true Pisces with specific Aries traits’ is how the Trauma-Informed Yoga Instructor/Doula has been described by many who know her. Born on the cusp of the astrological signs of Pisces and Aries, this ‘soul-searching Light Worker’ has found her niche…and it is ‘wellness’. Christina Wherry is the middle of three siblings. She grew up in South L.A. and Inglewood (in California). She is a Mother, a Sister, a Daughter, an Aunt, and a Friend…she is also an Author, a Spoken-word Artist, a Business Owner, a Teacher, and a Healer.
Christina has always been a precocious child, yet her development was in an area in which she didn’t have much support. She was inquisitive, imaginative, caring, and very sensitive. As she grew, she became more aware of Self and its power in her own life-experience. And from that awareness was birthed a ‘soul-searching student of life’ who would embark on a spiritual journey that required her involvement in ‘whole body-mind wellness’, including mindfulness meditation, yoga, and Kemetic Reiki. And as her caring and inquisitive natures became more intense, Christina expanded her interest to ‘assisting new life’; as a result, she studied ‘womb wellness’ and now is able to provide coaching and support during one’s pregnancy, birth and postpartum.
Passionate about holistic wellness practices, Christina created her own line of ‘healing products’. Mindful Botanica Body Shop is the brainchild of the avid lover-of-life. It represents a line of plant-based body, bath, and lip care products that are ‘created with love, care, and purpose’. With her young daughter as her ‘assistant’, Christina creates and produces ‘healing products’ intended to influence the healing of mind, body and spirit.
The self-healing ‘Healer’ embarked on her soul-searching journey over ten years ago. She investigated, discovered, researched, developed and healed. She’s used her journeying to become empowered to assist you on yours.
Christina Wherry, the middle child of three, is a genuine Pisces – loving, sensitive, imaginative, intuitive and caring. Her passion for healing, empowerment, and fulfillment are embedded within the fibers of her soul. Her role in creating Thick Girl Yoga L.A. came naturally as she was born to be of service to others…and her focus is on those whose focus is on their own well-being and overall wellness.