Our Team

The Founders

chance water

Chancie Pinkerton

Founder + CEO

The laid-back, strategic creator. Coming from humble beginnings in small-town Texas, Chance has always dreamed of a bigger, better life.  He found his way to San Diego in 2006 through his service as a US Marine.  Surfing, adventure, and living life with no regrets help guide him through new endeavors where he can share his passions while also helping others develop their true potential.  His entrepreneurial mindset, background in both domestic and foreign real estate, and current MBA program at UCLA help provide the strong foundation and forward-thinking vision of Room to Roam.  Catch him surfing, enjoying a few cold IPAs, and overall just being an honest and fun-loving stand up guy.

kate yoga

Kate Clements

Founder + COO

The empathetic firecracker. Hailing from the “Biggest Little City in the World” Reno, NV, Kate is a quirky, adventurous, nomadic spirit that cares deeply, laughs loudly, and believes that connection, both to self + others, is why we are all here.  Her lifelong love of the ocean lead her to surfing, travelling to and living in different beachy destinations, and choosing a life that allows her to stay connected to the water. As a certified yoga + pilates instructor with over 8 years experience as a licensed physical therapist assistant, she guides the wellness aspect of Room to Roam. Catch her creating a new workout flow, striking up deep conversations, or laughing at her own jokes.


Meagan Ball

Founder + CFO

The Queen of capability and determination. Meagan excels at pushing through obstacles with an unmatched inner drive and commitment to always reach her goals.  Well versed in business, finance, and health + fitness, she knows how to get things done while staying internally aligned.  She owns successful fitness studios in Reno, NV where her charm and depth of knowledge have created a loyal following that enjoys her blunt sense of humor and ability to always take care of every last detail.  As a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, and pilates instructor, Meagan knows how to create sustainable and functional exercise regimes that promote others to live their best life…physically, mentally, and emotionally.  

The Crew


Lorenzo Diaz


The soulful Renaissance man. Growing up in the desert of Southern California 2 hours from the beach, Lorenzo got his first taste of surfing at 14 years old.  Like most of us, the first wave he caught was all it took to become hooked for life. Following his passion, he began teaching surf lessons in 1982, going on to also become an AASI certified Professional Snowboard Instructor, and now coaches both adults and groms in surf + skate training.  His love for the ocean and sense of responsibility to protect it led him to found a non-profit in 2011 called H2O Trash Patrol, taking SUPs out every available weekend he could between San Diego Harbor and Dana Point, collecting over 40,000 lbs of trash from the ocean.  If you know Lorenzo, you understand Ohana.  He facilitates this inclusive sense of family, community, and stoke for living with everyone he meets.  Meet Lorenzo and feel his positive + loving energy…it leaves an everlasting impression!


Andres Weishaupt

Professional Freelance Photographer/Videographer

The salt of the earth. Andres grew up in a tiny mountain town in Bavaria, Germany, where at 12 years old he became a pioneer of snowboarding during its initial days in Europe. Combining his early interest in photography and videography with the thrill of shredding the slopes, he became a self-taught photographer who excels at capturing the essence of the moment + the candid joy of the experience. First surfing in France in his early twenties, it wasn’t long before he swapped his love for snowboarding to an unquenchable thirst for shredding the waves instead.  Now residing in Encinitas,CA since 2015, Andres exemplifies living life always stoked with a smile, a positive attitude, and a genuine kindness and goodness that magnetically draws people to him.  Catch him surfing all the inside lefts, buying used surfboards daily, and making friends wherever he goes.