Where it began...

Co-Founders Kate and Chance were casually introduced by friends in 2019 and initially connected through surfing, laughter, and fierce dart games played while he impressed her with his healthy record collection.  The relationship unfolded naturally and it wasn’t long before they moved in together in Leucadia, CA and added Iris to their family. The early morning coffee walks to check the surf became the space to dream up what life would look like next.  With so much uncertainty and change through 2020, they decided to embrace risk and pivot into living the life they imagined.  They each quit their stable jobs, sold their belongings, and moved to Nicaragua to begin Room to Roam.

Room to Roam represents what Kate + Chance find to be most important: enjoying life, growing through new experiences, and creating a positive impact on the world.  Each Room to Roam experience is an opportunity to bring more joy, meaning, and vitality to life….while also supporting the collective good and having FUN while doing it!  Understanding that getting “off the beaten path” can often create uncertainty or worry about how to get there, Room to Roam streamlines the process of getting to these locations so everyone can enjoy the vibrancy that emerges when you color outside the lines.

Room to Roam’s flagship location is in Playa Gigante, a little nook of simple, beachy paradise along the Southern Pacific coast of Nicaragua.  The plans are to expand to other amazing locations and continue appreciating the road less traveled. 

When we Roam, our mission is to immerse in the culture, support the local community, and bring amazing humans together to connect, expand perspectives, and experience joy.

We hope, like us, you never stop Roaming.