Refresh your perspective and mindset by venturing off the beaten path to experience the vibrant and colorful world that surrounds us. We support you every step of the way to keep it easy, safe, and comfortable.
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Whether its joining one of our curated retreats for yoga, breathwork, and wellness or simply planning your own customized escape, you will leave here with a revitalized headspace and new experiences to add meaning to your life.
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The Emerald Coast of Nicaragua is home to a variety of world-class surf breaks that can meet the needs of all skill levels. Year round off-shore winds, uncrowded surf breaks, and warm, tropical water makes Playa Gigante the perfect surf destination to offer easy access to many waves and friendly vibes both in and out of the water.
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Set a different tone for 2021 and venture off the beaten path to this charming, tropical fishing village situated off the beautiful Emerald Coast of Nicaragua. Turquoise warm waters, vibrant orange skies, world-class surf, and a friendly local community help create this quaint beachside escape where you can reset your mind, body, and spirit.

Give yourself the Room to Roam, the space to breathe, and experience living wild and free as you wish. Let us simplify the process and handle all the details of international travel with ease.

Our Space

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Room to Roam partners with retreat leaders of all kinds to curate unforgettable escapes and opportunities to reset your mind, body, and soul. Whether you are interested in surfing lessons/coaching/tours, yoga, pilates, Wim Hof Fundamentals, breathwork, or guided meditation and healing, we have you covered.

What makes Room to Roam different? We go the extra step to guide you and support you from your doorstep to ours, keeping it easy to travel off the beaten path with peace of mind. You will know that we have your back to navigate all the travel requirements and get you to our beachside boutique hotel with ease, safety, and reliability. We let you keep your headspace free to just enjoy the ride!








Restaurant & Bar

Our on-site Palapa restaurant and bar serving local favorites and healthy creations and craft cocktails with fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Concerned about travel during COVID-19?

Safe travel during Covid is a possibility, let us show you the way + streamline the process.