How to Travel to Nicaragua in 2022

IS TRAVELING TO NICARAGUA HARD?Traveling to Nicaragua is simpler than you may think, and educating yourself on the steps make it an even simpler travel journey to this hidden gem of Central America.  Don’t let your lack of knowledge or false assumptions cause you to miss out on enjoying this magical country. WHERE DO YOU […]

Simple + Natural Skincare for 2022 + Beyond

REASONABLE SKIN CARE  Finding a skin-care routine for anyone can be a challenge…let alone one that doesn’t involve too many steps or too much $.  Even when you mean to treat your skin well, products are often packed with either cheap fillers or harsh synthetic ingredients that can cause a whole host of skin (and […]

Enjoying the Simple Life in El Gigante

Thoughts Put into Words by Ashley Turevon A small fishing surf pueblo located just over an hour north of San Juan Del Sur, El Gigante, Nicaragua has proven to be one of those hidden travel gems. Perhaps not as well known as many of the other coastal surf towns, but for those in the know, […]

Why Travel to Nicaragua?

Don’t miss out on this hidden gem of a destination…it is easy to travel safely to Nicaragua!