Surf Movement + Mindset

December 10-17th, 2021
Elevate your surfing and your life with mindset practice, movement analysis and coaching, and somatic movement training to improve pop-ups, stance, turns, and overall flow.
Take your surfing to the next level by diving a little deeper into what types of movement, strength, + flexibility will support the most freedom of movement for fluid, connected surf sessions. Identify and become intentional with how you prepare and restore your body to participate in surfing, whether you have prior injuries or not.
Learn the mindset that will not only improve your surfing, but also improve how you live and interact with the world. The flow state…where all the magic happens.

Single Occupancy


Double Occupancy

Experience surfing tropical warm water in a mindful, connected flow state, just $500 reserves your spot.
Room to Roam keeps the journey off the beaten path easy, streamlined, and supported every step of the way. Playa Gigante is a beachy fishing village situated along the Emerald Coast (Pacific side) of Nicaragua, a mix of both locals and expats living together and enjoying life in Nicaragua. Let this charming village surprise you and delight you with friendly people, easy access to all the world-class waves nearby, and vibrant orange sunsets along empty, beautiful beaches.

What's included

7 nights accommodations at our 4-star beachside boutique hotel (Wifi, Hot Water, A/C)
4 meals daily (early AM snack, breakfast, lunch, dinner)
roundtrip airport transportation
Surf Coaching and Movement Retraining with Paleena and Lorenzo Diaz
Surfboard Rentals
Boat Trips to Surf

Retreat leaders



Certified Yoga Therapist
Certified Holistic Wellness Coach
Somatic Movement Therapist
Movement Junkie

I am curious and adventurous and view life as a journey to be embraced rather than a list of rigid demands to be accomplished. I have discovered my life’s balance in nature, and through the vehicle of my own healing journey – one that required me to dive deep within myself.
As a competitive athlete, I initially had success by pushing past my weak areas and relying on my strengths to push me through and keep me going. This autopilot habit took me past the point where my overall health and wellbeing was supported. I refer to this now as strengths overdone.
The result was a series of broken bones, ligament tears, bulging disks, multiple concussions and surgeries. I pushed through years of chronic back pain until I got to the point where I was losing weeks of my life drugged up on pain killers and muscle relaxers. The specialists advised me that the only hope was surgery.
It was at this point I was ready to listen to my body’s wisdom. That’s when I took matters into my own hands. I pursued acupuncture and Naturopathic medicine, learned how to truly nourish my body and explored yoga and supportive movement. It was through this process that I learned that I had choice in my relationship with my body – I could use movement as a drug or fix or I could use it to deepen relationship with myself.
Learning to find my breath was the key ingredient to my success in healing from 17 broken bones, finding ease in my back without surgery and overcoming disabling digestive discomfort. My breath empowered me to be more present and aware and taught me how to give back to the body that I’d taken for granted all those years.
The freedom I found in my own body led me to want to share these limitless possibilities with others. And so that’s just what I’ve done! I’ve been studying and teaching Yoga and Pilates since 2005, became a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach in 2009, and submerged myself into the world of yoga therapy, studying with some of the most unique teachers in the world becoming a Certified Yoga Therapist in 2014.
I remain a curious student and promise to continue on this journey, sharing my explorations openly and honestly with you.
We are not meant to ride life’s waves alone. I believe we are stronger together.
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Lorenzo Diaz

Surf Coach, Breathwork Facilitator

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The Renaissance Man. Growing up in the desert of Southern California 2 hours from the beach, Lorenzo got his first taste of surfing at 14 years old. Like most of us, the first wave he caught was all it took to become hooked for life. Following his passion, he began teaching surf lessons in 1982, going on to also become an AASI certified Professional Snowboard Instructor, and now coaches both adults and groms in surfing as well as skateboard training at Performance Surf in Carlsbad, CA. His love for the ocean and sense of responsibility to protect it led him to found a non-profit in 2011 called H2O Trash Patrol, taking SUPs out every available weekend he could between San Diego Harbor and Dana Point, collecting over 40,000 lbs of trash from the ocean. If you know Lorenzo, you understand Ohana. He facilitates this inclusive sense of family, community, and stoke for living with everyone he meets. Meet Lorenzo and feel his positive + loving energy…it leaves an everlasting impression!